Property Tax Protest – Online Protests

Help! Your tax appraisal is higher than you think it should be. Here’s a quick and easy method to protest your property tax value.
• Go online to or and follow the prompts for filing an online informal protest.
• Be sure and select “value is over market AND unequal” so you can use either one if you need to later in a formal hearing.
• Enter an appropriate value when prompted. You don’t need to provide any supporting evidence at this time, but a realtor can help you find and assess comps to determine a reasonable value.
• Submit your protest.
You should hear back within a week (sooner in many cases). And here’s the best part – you don’t have to accept the offer; you can still proceed to the informal protest hearing if the appraisal district rejects your appeal or you think the offer is still too low. This is a non-committal, low time investment method to protest your appraisal.
If you’d like a complimentary CMA for Travis or Williamson County, contact me and I’ll be happy to provide one. If you own property elsewhere and don’t already have a realtor contact, I may know someone to refer you to! This will give you guidance for choosing an appropriate tax value based on similar homes as well as a starting place if your protest is denied and you have to move on to the next stage.